13 January 2021

The Somerset Fund is now open for applications from community groups and is unrestricted, which means running costs can be applied for.
The Fund would particularly like to support groups in the following categories:

  • giving the best start in life to the most disadvantaged children
  • growing the life skills of young people
  • improving the mental health of people of all ages
  • increasing opportunities for better physical health
  • supporting people with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses, and their carers
  • combating loneliness and isolation.

Groups must be running on less than £100,000 p.a. and can apply for up to £2,500. Apply through the Somerset Fund.

Somerset Health & Wellbeing Network

7 January 2021

During the current pandemic lockdown, Somerset Health & Wellbeing Network wish to stay in touch with as many residents as possible – it is only collective effort that will help us address this situation.

Please sign up to be part of the Network, which “will help us to understand the Covid-19 related communication and engagement needs of our communities across Somerset.  The Network will provide a platform for a two way dialogue that can be fed back to the Covid-19 Engagement Board to help shape our response to the pandemic.  The idea is to make communicating and engaging with groups and settings more targeted, simpler and with a joined up approach.”

You will receive regular up to date information on covid-19 and health impacts, opportunities to feedback to us via surveys and citizens panels as well as exclusive access to webinars and communications materials to address specific issues and barriers locally.

To sign up simply click here and enter your name and email address. Lisa Rogers, Partnership Officer at Somerset County Council will be in touch with you soon.

January 2021

The January edition of Mendip East Community Policing newsletter is now available online version here.

January 2021

The January edition of The Roundabout magazine is now available, delivered through doors and online version here.

30 December 2020

A number of hedgehogs have reportedly died recently in the village. Evidence shows that rat poison is very possibly the cause.
Please be aware of the dangers of using rat poison and place any deterrents you use in places where other creatures may not be affected.

Mindline Somerset

29 December 2020

Looking after your Mental Health

Somerset County Council has produced this helpful info graphic that provides details of useful agency contacts and how best to look after yourself, which is especially pertinent in current times as we face more challenges than usual. Looking after your Mental Health

Census 2021

29 December 2020

Census 2021 will provide a snapshot of modern society

Households across Mendip will soon be asked to take part in Census 2021.
The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It will be the first run predominantly online, with households receiving a letter with a unique access code, allowing them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets.
“A successful census will ensure everyone … can put services and funding in the places where they are most needed,” Iain Bell, deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics, said. “This could mean things like doctors’ surgeries, schools and new transport routes ….”
Census day will be on March 21, but households across the country will receive letters with online codes allowing them to take part from early March. The census will include questions about your sex, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity. And, for the first time, there will be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces, as well as voluntary questions for those aged 16 and over on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Results will be available within 12 months, although personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations. For more information, visit

October 4 2020 Croscombe Flood
Croscombe Flood, October 2020
Image courtesy of E Boot

14 December 2020

The Flood Committee, which consists of Cllr. Parker, Cllr. Cansdale and six members of the public, met to agree a host of actions. Croscombe now has priority status with regard to flood mitigation measures. The Committee is working with Somerset and Mendip Councils, the Waterboard and the Environment Agency to fully review the situation.
The Committee needs to hear from everyone affected – if you were, and have not yet received a Flood Incident Form, please contact
The minutes of the meeting, which can be found on our Agenda and Minutes page, give full details of the range of issues being considered and the current Community Flood Plan can be found on our Documents page.

December 2020

The online version of the Parish Magazine, Roundabout.

December 2020

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