Welcome to Croscombe Parish Council.  The parish covers the village of Croscombe, Thrupe, Maesbury, half of the Golf Course, Ham Woods, Ham Lane, Darshill Woods and the back of Darshill to Bowlish. 

PDF Map of Croscombe Parish Council

It consists of seven councillors plus a clerk. 

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month in the Church Rooms except August.  Click here for Dates

Information can also be found on the five notice boards around the village and the parish magazine.

Croscombe Parish Council is now signed up to the Adopt a Path Scheme run by Somerset County Council.  Walks will be organised in the Spring to maintain footpaths in the parish, but in the meantime if you discover any issue with footpaths please contact Claire Sully using the link:-

Rights of way footpaths in the local area, click here for the link

Occasionally there will be roadworks in the area, please click here for the link to One.network for up to date details